Quality of Life 

Improve the Quality of Life for All New Yorkers
Over the past half decade the harassment of pedestrians, panhandling, petty crimes and homelessness has increased in New York City. The police are not well trained to handle these issues and we need more social workers and mental health experts working in cooperation with the police.  However, we should not take one dime from the present police budget.  With an increase in crime, we need an increase in police and support for our police.  

The homeless and mentally ill deserve much better as do all in our community. 

We need Solutions, Not Mere Rhetoric

We need solutions and we need politicians with the capability and will to provide solutions.  My campaign for New York City Council in District 1 is showing that reasonable commonsense solutions do exist.  Please see our policies in the links below.  We are the, only, candidate running for New York City Council in District 1 with comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to the problems facing New York.  

Please see our Crime Reduction & Safe Streets Program; Quality of Life Enhancement Program; and our Neighborhood Safety Agent Program

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for NYC Council for District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

"Safe Streets, Great Education, Safe Schools, an Accountable Government  is a prerequisite to peace & prosperity in New York City. "        
Sean Hayes
Candidate for City Council in District 1