Housing & Zoning Policies

"Sean Hayes is a winner that shall win for New York.  I have known Sean for over two decades. He shall relentlessly fight to make this City a better place for us all.  He is the hardest working and most intelligent person I know and he has a huge heart.  We need a change back to politicians that Do and Not Just Talk.  Sean is a Doer and he shall fight for us with care, relentlessness and passion.  
Frank Caruso
International Lawyer & Business Professional

Public Housing Revitalization
Our Public Housing program is a mess.  People are living without cooking gas, kitchen cabinets and with rats, leaking roofs and security issues.  We deserve better and we need accountability in our government.  Our politicians have abandoned us.  We, unlike, other candidates running for NY City Council in District 1 - HAVE A PLAN.  

Please see our Public Housing Revitalization Program.

Affordable Housing 
We need an efficient, balanced, fiscally responsible and rational zoning approval process (ULURP) coupled with an affordable housing buyer and renter program that is rebuilt from the ground up.  We, also, need to expand the scope of the Engines of Opportunities, Industrial Action Plan and encourage more industry and government cooperation.  We can not scare away more investors via political rhetoric from grandstanding self-interested politicians, while, we must not chase away the lower and middle class from the City because of rising sale and rental prices.  The issue requires balance and not a mere winner-take-all-approach.  As with all policies, balance and compromise is necessary and radical ideologues must be replaced by pragmatic centrists.  

Please see our: Affordable Housing Program

We need Solutions, Not Mere Rhetoric

We need solutions and we need politicians with the capability and will to provide solutions.  My campaign for New York City Council in District 1 is showing that reasonable commonsense solutions do exist.  Please see our policies in the link below.  


Sean Hayes 4 NYC is the only campaign for District 1 City Council with comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to the problems facing New York City.  We are confident that we can push the NY City Council and vocalize the needs of the community as a member of the New York City Council. 

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for NYC Council for District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership