Pandemic Relief & Business Development Program

We need a reawakening of our economy, revitalization of our regulatory system and we need more employees and managers that can compete in this global marketplace. I worked between New York and Asia for nearly two decades. We are falling behind in competitiveness, but we have ways to improve that are cost-effective and shall bring immediate growth to our City. We have choices and we can recover and we can get back on the right track with pragmatic and experienced leadership.

The Problem

  • It is estimated, by some economists, that one out of three of our small businesses shall not reopen and many large companies are reducing their footprint in NYC. The lifeblood of this City is our small businesses, real estate development, financial services, professional services, tech industries, media, technology and travel & tourism. Many companies, in these industries, have left or are considering decreasing the number of employees in NYC. This is a situation that has occurred over the past decade because of amongst others reasons:

  • Deterioration in quality of life.

  • Rise in violent crime.

  • Rise in taxes.

  • Increased regulatory burden on businesses.

  • Lack of affordable housing.

  • Wage stagnation that has not kept up with the cost of education, commodities and rent.

  • A feeling that politicians have become more polarized and less capable of handling the needs of a complex city like New York City.

  • A vested bureaucracy that cares more about its survival than the survival of our City.

  • Schools that are creating less competitive students for the job market.

  • We have lost a substantial portion of our tax base for the reasons noted above.

  • We have around 30% of office tenants claiming that they shall not return to the offices in New York City, because of more remote work and the reasons noted above.

  • We have a hollowing out of the middle class because of wage stagnation, thus, leading to less high-paying jobs in the City and less people being able to afford to live in the City.

  • We have less stock of affordable housing, thus, increasing the burden on taxpayers.

The situation is dire. We are losing jobs, losing our competitiveness, taxes are on the rise and government services are faltering. We are a City in decline, but we are a City that can recover. We have recovered before and with hard work, consensus building, pragmatism and moving back to the middle, we can recover from this crisis.

The Solution

  1. Fight the Crime Wave by supporting the Crime Reduction & Safe Streets Program by Sean Hayes. A prerequisite for getting the tourists and businesses back is safe streets and an improved quality of life.

  2. Help Small Businesses by supporting the Small Business Development Program by Sean Hayes. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and should be the priority in all business development initiatives.

  3. Improve the quality & quantity and competitiveness of workers by supporting the Paid Job Training & Mentor Program by Sean Hayes. This program shall assist in training, mentoring and placing young adults and those reentering backing into the workforce to become competitive and productive workers.

  4. Create a Business Advisory Board of leaders in the business community and obtain advice and guidance of the needs of the business community. These programs can assist the NY City Council and the Mayor's Office to understand the needs and beliefs of the business community.

  5. Mandate that all licensing and permit applications receive a determination within two months of the filing of the application. Our process, now, can be slow, tiresome and costly.

  6. Mandate that all denials of permits and licenses have a detailed and specific reason for denial and notes the way to remedy the denial, thus, alleviating the costs to businesses in determining the reason for denial of permits and licenses.

  7. Reduce Property taxes via the Revenue-Neutral Property Tax Reform Program by Sean Hayes. Lowering our property taxes shall lead to lower rental and ownership costs, thus, reducing the cost of doing business and reducing the cost to live in NYC.

  8. Foster Opportunity Zones in which those opening businesses in these Opportunity Zones shall receive reductions in taxes and other benefit. A federal Opportunity Zone program is under and poorly utilized by New York City.

  9. Eliminate the Unincorporated Business Tax. This tax is harming too many small businesses and family businesses that, at this time, need a break.

  10. Get our convicts back into the job market via the Jail-2-Jobs Program by Sean Hayes.

  11. Demand accountability in government, reduce government spending and, thus, lessen the tax burden on the population.

  12. Fully open our school and business, but keep the mask and social distance mandates.

  13. Support the reopening of Broadway. Without Broadway, we shall never get a large portion of our tourists back.

  14. Encourage community leaders to come up with unique plans for their individual communities. All can not be just dictated from the top.

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