Chris Marte on Public Safety & Education

Chris Marte: “I was the first candidate to support defunding the police, especially by a billion, at the very least. I believe in defunding and making sure those funds go to youth programs and summer programs.” (Village Sun: see bottom of article)

Chris Marte on Public Safety

  • Supports defunding the NYPD by at least $1 Billion dollars (Village Sun).

  • Supports removal of police from schools, shelters, and hospitals (NYC Kids PAC).

  • Supports additional decarceration by closing Rikers and opposes new jails. How to close a jail and not open a new jail is not explained? (NYU Local).

Chris Marte on Education

  • Supports the removal of safety agents from schools (NYC Kids PAC).

  • Supports busing of our children outside of the district (NYC Kids PAC).

  • Supports eliminating the Gifted and Talented (G&T) testing (NYC Kids PAC).

  • Supports eliminating the SHSAT specialized high school entrance exam (NYC Kids PAC).

I was hesitant to criticize the policies of another candidate, but was convinced that Chris Marte policies are a threat to this City and decided that this race is about the future of our City. We believe it is fair game to criticize policies, but not the person. I am in this race to make this City a better place and I must standup and make the policies of Chris Marte known. Please note all quotes and policies above are cited with direct links to the source. No games being played here.

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