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"The Radical Right & Radical Left have Divided Us and the Middle-of-the Road shall bring us back together.  We need Pragmatic & Experienced Centrists for a Re-United States of America.                                                                                     
                                                                                       Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes's Platform

  • Improve the Quality of Life for All New Yorkers
    Over the past half decade the harassment of pedestrians, panhandling, petty crimes and homelessness has increased in the City. The police are not well trained to handle these issues and we need more social workers and mental health experts working in cooperation with the police.  However, we should not take one dime from the present police budget.  With an increase in crime, we need an increase in police and support for our police.  

    The homeless and mentally ill deserve much better as does residents of our City.  Please see our
    Crime Reduction & Safe Streets Program; Quality of Life Enhancement Program; and our Neighborhood Safety Agent Program

  • Fiscal Responsibility & Government Accountability
    Fraud, Waste & Abuse coupled with the City's thirst for more  spending is leading to the bankruptcy of our City and causing our most productive to move out of this great City.  We should Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse and Tax & Spend Politicians by a truly independent and non-political oversight board and a City Council with some semblance of spending restraint.  ​We need to make tough choices and the choice can not, simply, be more taxes.  We are scaring away too many needed taxpayers and bankrupting our City because of Fraud, Waste, Abuse and our radical politicians that believe all alleged problems can be solved with more taxes and more spending.  The reality is that over the next couple of years we shall need to all do much more with much less.   

    Please see our: Government Accountability & Taxpayer Rights Program and our 
    Revenue-Neutral Property Tax Reduction & Exemption Program

  • Foster a Pro-Business Environment
    The loss of Amazon's East Coast HQ shall have a lasting negative impact on our great city.  We need to, immediately, turn around this anti-business sentiment via showing the world that New York is open for business and NY is business-friendly destination for capital.  I fear a return to the Dark Days if we have a Mayor & City Council that fears development and panders to an overly vocal miniscule minority of misguided socialists.  We need businesses large and small to make NYC prosper.  Our economy is fueled by the wheels of commerce and if we continue on this socialist-led track we shall see more companies moving South and we shall see a further deterioration of our tax base. 

    Please see our: 
    Pandemic Relief & Recovery Program; and our Small Business Development Program.

  • Public Housing Restoration 
    Our Public Housing program is a mess.  People are living without cooking gas, kitchen cabinets and with rats, leaking roofs and security issues.  We deserve better and we need accountability in our government.  Our politicians have abandoned us.  

    Please see our 
    Public Housing Revitalization Program.

  • Protection of our Streets & Quality of Life
    Let us Support our Police, but of course the bad cops need to be punished. Law enforcement, as a whole, is not the problem.  We are losing good cops and respect in our law enforcement, because of the hate filled rhetoric of politicians that polarize us in order to gain political street cred and motivate voters to vote.  When the election is over, we never hear from these pontificators.  A rise in crime should mean a rise in the police budget and a more accountable police force. We need to, however, consider transitioning some of the increased police budget to social workers and mental health specialists that can work under law enforcement to handle the issues caused by the mentally ill.   These residents deserve better and we deserve better. 

    Please see our: 
    Crime Reduction & Safe Streets Program; Quality of Life Enhancement Program; and our Neighborhood Safety Agent Program

  • Give People a Second Chance & Respect the Value of All in our Community
    Let us Wipe Clean Criminal Records of Convicts after Five Years without a Criminal Charge, however, increase sentences for repeat offenders.  Reality is few decent employment opportunities are available for those with criminal records.  We are a country that respects the underdog and believes in second chances.  Allow our young adults to have a second chance.  A bad choice when young, should not lead to a ruined future.  Let us help our men and woman with criminal records to become productive members of society via a Second Chance Law.     

    Please see our 
    Second Chance Jail-2-Jobs Program.

  • Provide World-Class Education & Work-Study Opportunities for our Youth
    We should be proud of the progress our schools have made over the last two decades, but improvements are needed.  However, recently our politicians have pushed our school curriculums too far, while trying to breakdown what made our educational systems great. 

    We are, sadly leaving too many of our at risk youth out to dry.  This issue is a tough issue that requires balance, pragmaticism the integration of the community and families into the schools, return to value-based education along with work-study opportunities. 

    We need to see the less fortunate interning at law firms, banks, tech companies and startups.  Integration in the business world, as in the military, shall bring us together.  We need to show our less fortunate youth that various options exist in our great City and business is not the enemy.  

    Please see our 
    Paid Job Training & Mentorship Program (NY Peace Corps.) and our Educational Reform Program

  • Rational & Balanced Housing & Urban Development
    We need an efficient, balanced, fiscally responsible and rational zoning approval process (ULURP) coupled with an affordable housing buyer and renter program that is rebuilt from the ground up.  We, also, need to expand the scope of the Engines of Opportunities, Industrial Action Plan and encourage more industry and government cooperation.  We can not scare away more investors via political rhetoric from grandstanding self-interested politicians, while, we must not chase away the lower and middle class from the City because of rising sale and rental prices.  The issue requires balance and not a mere winner-take-all-approach.  As with all policies, balance and compromise is necessary and radical ideologues must be replaced by pragmatic centrists.  

    Please see our
    Affordable Housing Program

  • Foster Equality of Opportunity & Not Merely Equality of Outcomes
    Reality is we are not all born with equality of opportunity.  Children without a dream, a role model and solid world-class education end up, too often, in jail, entrenched poverty, and dependent on the government.  These realities lead, in the end, to an uncompetitive America and youth that feel disenfranchised.  We need accountability in education, demand respect from our students and create a city-wide mentorship and internship program that shows our youth the other side of the track.  Our Children Need and Deserve More.

    Please see our 
    Paid Job Training & Mentorship Program (NY Peace Corps.) and  Second Chance Jail-2-Jobs Program.

  • Help our Most Vulnerable and Care for our Neighbors and Environment
    Let us help those in need and help educate our young adults by creating a NYC Peace Corps that pays and teaches our young adults to give back to the community, keep schedules, work diligently and work with care and respect for others.  

    Please see our: 
    Paid Job Training & Mentorship Program (NY Peace Corps.) and  Second Chance Jail-2-Jobs Program.

  • Foster Diversity of Opinions, Cultures & Races
    Diversity is not, only, cultural, racial, sexual and ethic diversity, but diversity of opinion and religions.  Let us move past identity politics fostered by the political elites and let us all be one New York that works together to respect diverse opinions (and even absurd opinions).  Political correctness is destroying what makes New York great.  

Support & Vote for Sean Hayes 4 NYC on June 22 in the Democratic Primary.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for NYC Council for District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership