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"Sean Hayes is the only candidate in New York City running for NY City Council with comprehensive programs and policies.  He is not afraid to show his cards and not afraid to fight the establishment. Our City needs Sean desperately."        
KC Choi
President, ZCube 
Int'l Business Professional

We Need Politicians that Shall Fight for Fiscal Responsibility & Government Accountability
Fraud, Waste & Abuse coupled with the City's thirst for more  spending is leading to the bankruptcy of our City and causing our most productive to move out of this great City.  We should Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse and Tax & Spend Politicians by a truly independent and non-political oversight board and a City Council with some semblance of spending restraint.  ​We need to make tough choices and the choice can not, simply, be more taxes.  We are scaring away too many needed taxpayers and bankrupting our City because of Fraud, Waste, Abuse and our radical politicians that believe all alleged problems can be solved with more taxes and more spending.  The reality is that over the next couple of years we shall need to all do much more with much less.   

Please see our: Government Accountability & Taxpayer Rights Program and our Revenue-Neutral Property Tax Reduction & Exemption Program

We need to Foster Opportunities for Young Adults, Graduates, Transitions Workers and Adults Released from Jails and Prisons

The vast majority of New Yorkers want jobs and do not want to be on public assistance.  We need to put in place programs that shall foster opportunities, mentor, train and motivate those wishing to enter or grow within the work world.  Sean Hayes 4 NYC has developed programs that shall foster opportunities, while allowing our struggling businesses to succeed.  Sean Hayes is the, only, candidate for City Council in District 1 with comprehensive plans for our City.  


Please see our:  Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program and our NYC Peace Corps/Job Program Program

We Need to Foster a Pro-Business Environment
The loss of Amazon's East Coast HQ shall have a lasting negative impact on all New Yorkers.  We need to, immediately, turn around this anti-business sentiment via showing the world that New York is open for business and NY is business-friendly destination for capital.  I fear a return to the Dark Days if we have a Mayor & City Council that fears development and panders to an overly vocal miniscule minority of misguided socialists.  We need businesses large and small to make NYC prosper.  Our economy is fueled by the wheels of commerce and if we continue on this socialist-led track we shall see more companies moving South and we shall see a further deterioration of our tax base. 

Please see our: Pandemic Relief & Recovery Program; and our Small Business Development Program.

We need Solutions, Not Mere Rhetoric

We need solutions and we need politicians with the capability and will to provide solutions.  My campaign for New York City Council in District 1 is showing that reasonable commonsense solutions do exist.  Please see our policies in the link below.  

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for NYC Council for District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership