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Why I am Running for
NY City Council District 1?

 Sean Hayes a 47-year old NY Attorney; Head of an International Law Firm; former lawyer working in China, Korea & Southeast Asia; former Professor, CEO, Dean of a UN University and Journalist fears that our City shall turn to the Dark Days of the 80s and early 90s, because of reactionary and radicalized politics in New York and the lack of experience, pragmatism, and problem-solving skills of our politicians.  


Sean looked around and saw that the majority of candidates running for NY City Council and for Mayor lacked experience, centrist viewpoints & pragmatism and were too radicalized to manage the needs of residents of New York City.   Thus, Sean thought it was time that he stepped forward to serve the needs of the community.  


Sean's step into politics, unlike many other candidates, is not for his personal gain.  Sean shall lose a great deal of money if elected.  Sean feels he is at a stage in his life that he is blessed with the ability, experience and resources to serve his community and he feels that if he doesn't step forward and fight to turn our politics back to the middle this great city is doomed to return to the Dark Days. 


Sean believes that in these Post-Bloomberg Days our politicians, in New York City Government, moved away from pragmaticism and towards identity politics, the cancel culture, socialism and national polarizing issues that are harming the people of New York. 


These politicians, in many case, are looking for a fast-track to fame, fortune and a higher political office with little care for the needs of the communities they serve, thus, leading to a decreasing tax base, deterioration of public housing, decrease in the quality and efficiency of services, low morale in our government servants, lack of accountability in government, less affordable housing, increase in crime, higher taxes, decrease in the quality of life and increased fraud waste and abuse. 


Sean believes that we need politicians with the intelligence, experience, emotional maturity and dedication to: Listen to the Needs of the Community; Frame Objectives; Determine if the Objectives are Achievable; Build Plans; and Execute on the Plans.  We, simply, need politicians with deductive reasoning and problem solving skills. 


Politicians with, only, the ability to talk and that lack the ability to serve the needs of the community shall lead to a deterioration of this great city.  We need Pragmatic Realists with Experience in more than just Pontification that shall roll up their sleeves and solve the problems facing New York City. 


Sean is, simply, fed up and is ready to fight for the people.  He shall be a voice for the community and a tool to return New York back towards the middle and back to focusing on solving the problems facing our communities. 


Support us in this fight to Save our City.  


Sean Hayes’ Background

  • Office in NYC District 1 for 15 years.  Lives in Battery Park City

  • Leads an International Law Firm with offices in Asia and North America

  • Professor of Law/Dean of a UN University

  • CEO of a Foreign Branch of a Conglomerate

  • Company Director for a multinational company 

  • Columnist/Ombudsman for a leading Korean-based publishing company

  • Arbitrator/Court Officer

  • Court Research Officer, Constitutional Court of Korea

  • U.S. Capitol Hill Staffer

  • Consultant for Legislatures & Court Judges

  • Led Top Dispute Resolution Law Firm of Year/Rated a Top 100 Lawyer

  • Int’l lawyer/Int’l Bar Association

  • 20+ Years of Professional Experience

  • 47 years old.  14-year-old Half Pilipino handsome Son.  

  • Mets, Rangers & Giant’s Fan.  Former Football Player and an all-around nice guy.  

Sean C. Hayes
(Candidate for NY City Council District 1)
Balanced & Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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